Applied Engineering College, Riyadh

The Applied Engineering College is run by Lincoln College Group, which has 130 years of experience in engineering training in the UK. It has teamed up with the University of Hull, one of England’s oldest and most respected institutes of higher education, to deliver our bachelor’s degrees

The AEC aims to develop highly-skilled, English-speaking Engineers, with internationally recognised capabilities and industry knowledge. 

The degrees are aimed at providing highquality graduates who are technologically capable and highly motivated to be successful in a Saudi modern workplace. 

Our 3-year BEng degree provides our graduates with the practical and theoretical skills that will kick-start their career within their chosen field. 

Why Choose the AEC?

  • The College awards students internationally recognised degrees which are endorsed by the Saudi Council of Enginneers and supported by major international industry partners. 
  • The College has developed powerful employer relationships with international companies including Siemens and CISCO which now have a branding within the College and assiting the co-design of curriculum.
  • The College focuses on not just the students’ subject knowledge but also the development of professional knowledge and skills including personal, ethical, social and disciplinary formation. 
  • The College continues to provide students with excellent opportunities to engage with local employers and develop their readiness for employment. Over the last academic year we successful organised four industry events at the AEC. 
  • Students have access to a new innovation centre: a creative and techincal area for research and development 
  • The College is at the forefront of futureproofing Saudi engineering with the development of courses in Cyber Security, the Internet of things for Smart Cities and Renewables Engineering.

The AEC has its own website. To find out more and to make an application click here