Our Colleges

Where world-class teaching and facilities help you to achieve your full potential

We have three purpose-built, high-quality Colleges in prime locations within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Open to anyone over the age of 18 and free to attend, they act as community hubs and learning centres, offering a broad range of vocational training opportunities to meet the needs of local employers and the aspirations of our students and their families.

Secure and specially designed for our students, the Colleges features cutting-edge equipment and are built to the latest industry standards. Here you can access state-of-the art research facilities, online tutorials and interactive workshops; a balance of traditional teaching with modern learning methods, maximizing your opportunities to develop and learn.

Equally important to the world-class learning environment our College offer is our focus on the all-round wellbeing of our students. We want you to achieve your potential during your time with us, and that means making sure you are happy and healthy through structured pastoral care and close college-parent links, as well as providing ongoing careers support and guidance.