Although this week, and the next, will be focused on holidays, re-charging our batteries, pilgrimage and Eid, it is important not to forget the progress students have made in these early weeks.

So that the new skills learnt are not forgotten it is important to practice some English. Try and listen to English language news programmes; try texting your friends in English; how about looking at some topics on the internet using an English keyboard. Remember, we are all working towards the same goal and high standards. We want you to develop a great grasp of English and get the job you want and deserve. Why don’t you use some of the holiday to look at careers. Don’t just look for obvious ones but, using your new found English skills, research different ideas – how about hydroponics, engine optimization, sustainable energy, on-line shopping? Whatever you do at this important time of year, make sure you look back over your vocabulary lists and chat to friends….in English! Happy Eid.