What is vocational training?

Preparing you for your job in the real world

Today’s employers look for specific skills in candidates and in some professions practical experience can often be prioritised above academic learning.

Vocational training means you will be given the required training for a specific job, position, or career making you “ready for work” on graduation. This means it is often practical in nature and sits alongside classroom learning to give you the full scope of necessary skills.

On many vocational courses, you will take part in a work placement, giving you the opportunity to experience the working environment and employer that you are planning to ultimately join.

Businesses, including national and multinational companies, have close links with developing vocational training programmes, contributing information about the types of skills they need, how their businesses are likely to develop and how this will impact upon their skills requirements. This makes the skills you develop on vocational training courses highly desirable in the employment market, ensuring that you are an extremely employable prospect upon graduation.