Government incentives

Supporting your learning

Lincoln College KSA are sponsored by the Saudi Arabia Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) and are part of a Kingdom-wide initiative to reform the vocational education and training of Saudi nationals to more closely link their training and education to the needs of employers.

The HRDF has invested significantly in brand new campuses and in the expertise of UK, German, American and Canadian education providers who will manage these free to attend Colleges. Enrolling with one of the Colleges means you become a student of that provider and gain access to a free international education experience in the Kingdom.

Private companies based in the Kingdom are now required to meet strict employment targets that will see the significant growth of employment opportunities for Saudi nationals into national and international companies. Our graduates will have the skills and qualifications to fill those vacancies and will be essential to the Kingdom’s future economic growth.

All Lincoln College KSA students are paid a monthly allowance of 990SAR by the Government.