Vocational Training

A major investment into the future of Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is proud of its ambitions for the future of vocational training. Currently, less than 10 percent of the workforce receive vocational training, but the target is for this to rise to 40-45 percent.

One of the United Kingdom’s highest performing further education colleges, Lincoln College, is integral to these exciting plans to deliver world-class vocational training for many years to come and is working in partnership with the Kingdom to establish three state-of-the-art Colleges – known collectively as Lincoln College KSA.

The College will be part of a network of free-to-attend government vocational training colleges that are being developed and managed by respected global training providers, like Lincoln College. When a student attends one of these colleges they become a student and graduate of the training provider. So if you attend Lincoln College KSA you will graduate with a global recognised Lincoln College qualification.

The result of this major government investment will be a significant increase in the amount of quality vocational training offered in the Kingdom to create a stronger, more highly skilled workforce, that will benefit the economy of the Kingdom. It will also help young Saudi nationals to achieve their career ambitions and play a productive and meaningful role in the labour market: the future managers of private sector companies based in the Kingdom will be drawn from graduates of these colleges.  Currently, the Lincoln College is offering vocational / technical courses in IT and Business.

The government investment will upgrade the quality of the vocational education system to meet the highest international standards. This means that its capacity will increase from around 110,000 students today to around 400,000 over the next 10 years.