Lincoln College UK (founded in 1886)

Raising Aspirations, Realising Potential, Delivering Success*

Lincoln College KSA is an extension of Lincoln College UK and as such is committed to providing the same standards of excellence in vocational training that you would find in any of our Colleges in England.

At Lincoln College UK we have a commitment to:

  • Achieve the highest standards and continuously improve in all our activities
  • Always be honest, fair, transparent and open
  • Support all students and staff to reach their full potential
  • Be innovative and responsive in seeking out opportunities to expand and
  • Promote the college for the benefit of all its users
  • Actively involve students in the life and work of the college
  • Actively promote diversity and equality of opportunity

Our objectives are to:

  • Increase and widen participation in all the communities we serve
  • Be recognised and accredited as a fair employer which develops the potential of all its staff
  • Ensure that all learning opportunities are of outstanding quality accompanied by a first class support service
  • Ensure all our students and staff can study and work in the best facilities available which are accessible to all client groups
  • Lead and work in partnership with all our communities to create a learning environment and infrastructure which contributes to social inclusion, community cohesion, economic regeneration and workforce development
  • Be an environmentally friendly responsive organisation