Fact Sheet and FAQs

Who is Lincoln College KSA?

We are a subsidiary company of a large group of companies based in the UK called The Lincoln College Group.

We have an outstanding reputation in the UK for delivering excellent teaching at school, college and university level, and have a high level of expertise in working with employers and as sponsor of secondary schools and academies.

We have a state-of-the-art female college in Qatief, Eastern Province of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We also have a world-class International Technical College for Tourism and Hospitality and an Applied Engineering College in Riyadh.

How important is the link with the UK?

Our link with the UK colleges allows us to reflect their outstanding features across to KSA, such as teaching methods and course content.

We are a trusted partner to the Saudi Government, bringing our experience with employers and understanding of their requirements to our courses.

We hope that students from KSA will visit Lincoln College UK, but we do not currently offer courses or scholarships in the UK.

What is special about Lincoln College KSA?

Our students say they like the way we teach, with lots of activities and conversation, not just learning out of books.

Most our teachers and instructors are native English speakers and UK trained to be able to offer both academic and industrial experience.

Our aim is to find you employment at the end of your three years studying with us.

What do we offer?

We offer a Foundation Award in English in the first year, which also includes IT, Islamic Studies, Employability Skills and Maths.

From here, you will study your chosen vocational subjects to Diploma level.

You will also be given careers guidance throughout your course to help you find the right job for you.

What are vocational courses?

Vocational courses train you for a specific job, so you spend more time on the practical, hands-on skills which you can transfer to the workplace.

As you are taught by industry experts, you will gain clear insights into exactly what learning and skills your industry requires.

There are fewer examinations, and you will be assessed by the quality of your work throughout the course.

Who can apply?

You need to be a Saudi National.

Saudi nationals and students with a Saudi mother are eligible.

If you have already graduated from a TVTC you are ineligible for a place.

How do I apply or get advice from you?

Follow this link: http://www.ic.edu.sa/ and fill in your details.

We will then be in touch regarding your admission.

Alternatively, drop into our college and we will help you fill out your application.

Are there special circumstances?

We occasionally make exceptions but we assess these on a case-by-case basis depending on your individual circumstances.

Are other courses available?

At the moment we only offer our full-time English and vocational courses.

However, we run a Summer School, look on our website for details. We’re also keen to extend our offering, so keep looking at our website for evening and holiday courses.

Is accommodation available?

We don’t offer accommodation, but we have a cafeteria where students can purchase food and drink.

Are the courses accredited?

The English qualification is accredited by Cambridge in UK.

What happens after I have applied?

We will contact you so that you can visit us for an interview and assessment.

It is important to bring your identification documents and High School graduation certificate with you on the visit.

How much does it cost?

For Saudi nationals, our full-time courses are free.

For non-Saudi students the costs are 48000SAR per year.

Is it true we receive a stipend?

All students will receive the government stipend of 1090SAR per month.

What if I have more questions?

We would be delighted to meet you at our colleges – just call for an appointment – or ask a question via e-mail info@lincolnksa.com or through social media or through the ‘want to know more’ form on this website.

Even better, ask a friend who is already a member of our prestigious institution.

What do we wear?

We operate a business environment.

All students are expected to dress modestly.

Females are required to wear long skirts and blouses/tops with non-transparent sleeves.

All students will have to wear suitable clothing appropriate for their vocational courses.

What are the rules on smoking and using mobile phones?

Smoking is not allowed.

Mobile phones can be a useful learning tool but should not be used to take photographs of people (female site) or for social use during lessons.

We operate a behaviour policy called ‘Respect’ which asks all members of our community to cooperate with each other.